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Calderys is the world’s leading provider of refractory solutions for both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, combining innovative products, engineering know-how, project management, and installation services.

We have been building successful partnerships with hundreds of Foundry customers around the world and work together with our customers as one team, always striving to deliver high-performing and reliable customised solutions.

Our market leadership in Foundry stems from these core points:

Focus on Innovation

Continuously working on new concepts to optimise costs and performance in your production of castings, our highly skilled engineers, with their well-established network of OEMs and end customers, quickly react to the ever increasing demands including (but not limited to) energy and environmental requirements and regulations.

Worldwide Network of Foundry Experts

时时博官网The Calderys team has a wealth of first-hand experience and valuable insider knowledge in the Foundry industry and understands your business. Ideas and best practices are exchanged on a daily basis, allowing us to provide you an unparalleled level of reactivity and flexibility when handling local or international projects.

Our unique model of Quarry to Furnace

Owning a quartzite mine in Sweden gives us complete process control for our silica-based product range, ensuring for you high reliability and quality. Thanks to our parent company Imerys, Calderys also has secure and consistent access to other key raw materials vital for refractories in Foundry.


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